Take the Stress Out of Dog Training in the Boise, Treasure Valley, ID and North Dallas, TX areas

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If you’re trying to find a reputable dog trainer in the Boise, Treasure Valley, ID and North Dallas, TX areas, you’ve come to the right place. Save The Mailmen In Home Dog Training & Pet Sitting is an in-home dog trainer service in southwest Idaho. We’ve helped dog owners across the Treasure Valley region see that their dog’s bark is much worse than their bite.

Our professional dog trainer works with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Through one-on-one dog training, we can transform your pup into a well-mannered pet.

Call our Dallas location at 469.998.8600 or our Boise location at 208.996.3501 now to speak with a professional dog trainer about your pet.


Do you have multiple dogs? Ask about our multidog discount specials.

Offering gentle and humane training services using positive reinforcement

Is your dog bad to the bone? Get in touch with our team to break bad habits before they get worse. You can rest assured that all of our dog training is humane, and no electrical nerve stimulation or high-pitched sounds will be used.

Trust our team to take your dog…

From this:

Jumping on furniture, small children and guests

Bolting out the door and chasing other animals

Chewing up furniture and baseboards

Excessively barking or crying

Pulling on his leash

Nipping and biting

Not potty trained

To this:

Walking beside you anywhere (structured walk with heel)

Not door crashing, jumping on guests or chasing others

Following down-stay commands

Coming back on command

Sitting and staying

Being potty trained

We can teach even the oldest dog a new trick or two.

To get a complimentary consultation, schedule an appointment with our reliable dog trainers today.



A home-series obedience training program in your home one on one. (not in a group)
30 years of experience
Multiple references
Up to 60% less than the big box trainer
Gentle, humane, positive reinforcement
No use of electrical nerve stimulation or high pitch sounds
Convenience in your home
Family friendly training
Free Consultation

Don’t wait any longer to hire a dog trainer in North Dallas, TX areas.

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