Our Philosophy

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We firmly believe that dogs need opposite cues to understand and ingrain the behaviors we want, as learning is optimized. Positive reinforcement is wonderful and we intend to infuse as much positive reinforcement into our training, However, do you know night without experiencing day? Do you know what is pleasant without experiencing some discomfort? Do you know good without experiencing something bad? One has meaning because of the other. It is this same training principle that I infuse into all my training as they are opposite cues that reinforce one another. If you were to just focus on positive reinforcement you will not teach your dog what you don't want it to do. It makes the learning process more effective and expedient. Our training philosophy is based on having the dog experience both cues so that learning is ingrained. We do this on an intentional, preemptive, and proactive basis. We are not reactive, angry, frustrated, or cruel.

We believe in correction by using a gentle strictness. We do use prong collars as necessary for larger dogs as an integral part of training. Let us explain the reason people have issues with this. This is predicated on a long standing issue from which "old school" trainers were excessively over-correcting to the point of being cruel and inappropriately misusing the prong collar. Stories began circulating about these countless reports of cruelty. The truth is there are millions of successful cases with the use of prong collars.We do not use choke chains as they can have a very high propensity for damage. It's simple nonsense that they can't or should not be used! Using prong collars or making leash corrections should not be excessive and should be done to effectuate learning. In 30 years of training, we have never hurt a dog by the use of leash corrections.

"Positive reinforcement" trainers will you tell you that it destroys the trust and ruins your relationship with your dog. This is absolutely false! In fact, it's the opposite. It conveys to the dog you mean what you say just as the mother alpha would do and begins the journey towards respect. Positive reinforcement training only teaches your dog what you want it to do and uses an abundance of treats to the point of over treating and defeating the purpose it is designed to do; to get your dog to perform. This approach teaches appeasement mostly. Positive works but it has no real staying power. You must have the dog understand and experience some sort of appropriate correction. Our dog training methodology at Save the Mailmen In Home Dog Training is one that is based on respect. Respect Training is a counter-balanced philosophy of dog training. " Counter-Balanced Dog Training" means both positive and negative consequences for one's behaviors.Your dog's respect is key in their training success. Be realistic and fair with your dog. Show him positive and negative consequences so he can make an informed choice. By showing your dog both positive and negative consequences, he can make a conscious choice to do what you want – not only when he's in the mood for a reward but also when he might not care about the reward but he still controls himself because he doesn't want a correction. When you become the arbiter of your dog's behaviors – the one who gets to say yea or nay about what he's allowed to do – your dog feels respectful toward you. And once your dog respects you, he will listen to you. He will pay attention to you. He will do whatever you ask, and stop any misbehavior upon a single word or correction from you.