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David Goldstein, the owner of Save the Mailmen In Home Dog Training & Pet Sitting, is a trusted dog trainer that provides in-home dog training services in Eagle, ID, Boise and the Treasure Valley region. Over the last 36 years, David has helped many pet owners teach their dogs how to become loyal and deeply bonded companions.

For more information about our dog training company call our Dallas location at 469.998.8600 or our Boise location at 208.996.3501. We service Boise, Treasure Valley, ID and North Dallas, TX areas.


Dogs’ problem behaviors rear their ugly head in your home. Your dog lives with you in your home and the majority of your dog’s time is in your home. Why would you have someone take your dog out of your home to train and re-immerse them back into your environment and “maybe” get it?
Quite simply, it’s FUN! By doing this you will build a wonderful relationship over time with your dog.
It helps the dog learn its place in the hierarchy at home which is so instrumental in achieving respect and compliance from your dog.
In home dog training will equip you for life as a dog owner. You will never need another dog trainer and your older kids and other housemates will not either. Your investment in an home training will pay dividends for years and over the life of multiple dogs. You will be making a real investment in your future pet ownership.
It is convenient and allows you and your “Whole pack” to be part of the process.
It is cost effective as you are getting the most robust and informational approaches for a fraction of the cost of sending the dog away. (many cases 40-60% cheaper than the big box trainer).

By learning at home with little distractions you can teach your dog more easily.

Then you can begin transferring training outside after a good foundation has been built. Also, there is a HUGE misconception among pet owners, to immerse their new puppies in a group session with the big box trainer and get what they need. In 30 years of training, we have never walked into a home and heard that they got what they needed. Group classes SHOULD NEVER BE IN LIEU OF WHAT WE PROVIDE- only be in conjunction with it. 30 years of experience has clearly indicated that in home training is the most effective strategy. Many big box trainers and sole practitioners have set up group training to help socialize your dog and this is an excellent way to do so but again should be in conjunction with one on one intense in home training. In addition for financial reasons, group training has been designed to maximize groups to make it more profitable while sacrificing real impact for you the dog owner.

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We serve the Boise, Treasure Valley, ID and North Dallas, TX areas

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