5 benefits of choosing an in-home dog training company

When you're ready to start training your dog, reach out to the specialists at Save The Mailmen In Home Dog Training & Pet Sitting. We offer unmatched dog training services throughout North Dallas, TX areas.

You should choose us because we:

01 Will make sure you remain a collaborative part of the process and will know how to manage over 90% of issues

02Understand that dogs often act more possessive at home.

That's why we come into your home to effectively teach your pet things like guest protocols.

03Offer convenient in-home training that fits your needs, schedule and budget.

Trust us to provide exceptional obedience training tailored to your dog or puppy at 40-60% less than the cost of big box trainers.

04Most brick-and-mortar clients lose training traction in 6 months to a year.

You will be a collaborative part of the process and will know how to manage over 90 percent of issues.

05Dogs act differently and typically more possessive in your home, outside trainers cannot train what you need in your home as effectively, such as guest protocols and hyper reactive at door and in many cases need it.

Why wait to start training your furry friend? Schedule a free in-home dog training consultation today to learn more about our process.

What can you expect on your first visit?

As a pet owner, proper training is essential. That's why Save The Mailmen In Home Dog Training & Pet Sitting offers personalized training programs and free in-home consultations for new clients.

During the first visit, our dog trainer will:

Watch your interactions with your pet when they're on a leash

Work with your pet and conduct an assessment

Discuss your dog's needs and create a custom training plan

Now is the perfect time to hire a dog trainer with over 36 years of experience. Call our Dallas location at 469.998.8600 or our Boise location at 208.996.3501 now to speak with our dog training expert about your pup's needs. And don't forget to ask about our multi-dog discounts.

We were a bundle of nerves bringing home our first ever puppy from the animal shelter. Ami Juri is a fantastic trainer. She set the expectations right, kept to her schedule all the time, provided a lot of suggestions and followed upon them. We are now confident dog owners. The puppy has transformed from being scared of other dogs and people to a very social, confident one. Would certainly recommend her! Cheers Ami!

Vijayasri Krishnamoorthy

Aug 30, 2021

We used Save the Mailman dog training for our two goldendoodles and Megan was our trainer. She went above and beyond what we expected and did a great job training them (and us). She is very knowledgeable and took her time explaining what she was doing and why she was doing it. We've seen such an improvement in our pups and they are so much better than they were at the start of the training. I would highly recommend using Save the Mailman if your pups need help becoming who you would like them to be.

Retired Guy

Aug 23, 2021

Ami worked with my family around COVID-19 restrictions. She listened to our personal dog related issues and taught us how to deal with them. We wanted to work with a dog trainer because we got a pappy, but the lessons we learned and implemented with Ami's help taught us how to respond to our Miniature Schnauzer too. We will miss having her come to our home and teach us how to become better pet owners. The value of our lessons were worth the money. She taught all four of my family members how to do commands and listen and pay attention to our dog's cues. I am very confident that if we ever get a puppy in the future, we will know how to train them from day one. Thank Ami for your hard work and dedication. Thank you to Save the Mailman for matching us with Ami. Good luck in business and life!!!!!

Jamie Warr

Aug 22, 2021

Megan was my trainer. I can't begin to express how much she helped me train Bailey. Bailey is my very first dog and Megan was amazing. Not only is she an expert dog trainer, she also taught me about myself and how to be a good "pack leader". I still have a long way to go but Bailey and I have a good foundation because of Megan.Megan is professional, punctual, well organized, excellent communication skills, patient, excellent dog trainer, and a really nice person!I would highly recommend Save the Mailman in home dig training and Megan as a trainer.My experience was great. Thank you.

Judy Sanders

Aug 11, 2021

We started training with Ami when our dog was around seven months old, he's a mix border collie Australian Shepard. Overall he's a very smart dog but had a few barking problems in our back yard. We really wanted to start training for him to gain good behaviors from a young age. Ami did such a great job evaluating our dog from the beginning, specific to him not just any dog. We learned a lot about how the little things matter if you stay consistent, to say the least we got trained just as much as our dog. We worked on reactivity and how to reenforce good behaviors. We knew we could trust Ami's expertise right away, she immediately got our pup to do things we couldn't before. Our dog has already shown so much improvement from training, and he gets so excited when she comes over! We highly recommend Ami for any dog breed training, she's awesome!

Tracy Shawver

Jul 22, 2021

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