Pet Sitting

Going Out of Town and Leaving Your Pet in the Boise, Treasure Valley, ID and North Dallas, TX areas?

Choose a reputable pet sitting service to care for your dog

When you go out of town, you shouldn’t spend your entire trip worried about your pet. Rest assured that your four-legged friend is in good hands in Nampa, ID by hiring the pros at Save The Mailmen In Home Dog Training & Pet Sitting for in-home pet sitting.

Instead of taking your dog to a shelter where they’re more likely to be stressed, mistreated or attacked by other animals, hire a pet sitter who will care for your pet in the comfort of your own home. We guarantee that your pet will be treated with kindness and respect while we’re pet sitting.

Speak with our pet sitter about your dog’s unique needs today.


Do you have multiple dogs? Ask about our multidog discount specials.

Pet Sitting

Know when to hire our pet sitters

Maybe old joints or a recent injury make walking your dog painful. Maybe your pet needs medicine while you’re away. Either way, we’re here to help.

Hire our pet sitters if you:

Are hospitalized or in long-term care

Work long hours and keep your dog crated

Have a new puppy or elderly dog that needs to be cared for

Need to spend your time taking care of a sick family member

Take a vacation for a long weekend, family reunion or honeymoon

Next time you need pet sitting services, call the Dallas location at 469.998.8600 or our Boise location at 208.996.3501 ASAP.

Things to consider when not choosing in home pet sitting or overnight pet sitting:

The 4 most common behaviors in your dog after boarding


Drinking Excessively

You bring Fluffy home, and she won’t stop drinking. Your first question is, when was the last time she drank? Did she have access to water? Yes, she absolutely had access to water. Kennel staff most likely monitor water more closely than you do at home refilling waters regularly throughout the day. Dogs drink more when they get home for multiple reasons, they may feel more comfortable there, they may be overly excited, or the car ride home stressed them out. Make sure they have access to some water but don’t let them drink bowls and bowls of it right away, it will make them sick. Let them drink a reasonable portion, then allow them to settle and regain their regular drinking habits.


Change in Diet

They may eat their food ravenously when they get home. Again you think did they eat while they were away? Again, yes. Same with water over-excitement of seeing you and being back may change their normal behavior. Don’t feed them right away. Let them settle and eat a few hours after returning home.


Offer convenient in-home training that fits your needs, schedule and budget.

Trust us to provide exceptional obedience training tailored to your dog or puppy at 40-60% less than the cost of big box trainers.


Change in Personality

Your dog may ignore you or become extra clingy when you get home. Both are normal. My dog takes it as a personal offense that I went on an adventure without him for a weekend. After the initial excitement of seeing me wears away, he is angry and sullen giving me the ‘silent treatment’ for a day or two. My other dog is the opposite. He is a rescue and is so grateful I returned for him, he clings to me for a day or two. Both responses are normal.


Change in Sleep

Your dog will most likely come home and sleep very soundly for a day or two. If they got playtime or daycare and were romping around for hours more than usual; paired with a new place, new smells, and new friends; they are rightfully tired. Similar to when you go on vacation and walk a few extra miles a day that you aren’t used to, the saying, “I need a vacation from my vacation,” comes to mind.

Keeping your dog Happy

Many kennels have dogs spend a majority of their day in groups with other dogs. This is important to consider. If your dog doesn’t get along with others, boarding him might not be the right move. Oftentimes, dogs only go back to their kennels for meals, afternoon naps and to sleep at night. Lastly, your dog may be exposed to an attack from another dog, thus scarring your dog both psychologically and physically. That doesnt happen while he is in your home safe and secure, managed by our professional dog trainers.

Not all dogs will enjoy their stay at a kennel or dog hotel, either. If you’ve got a pup likely to cause a ruckus while you’re away, it could end up costing you even more than the regular boarding fee. If dogs cause damage to the facility, there may be additional charges tacked onto your bill, so ask before you board.

What we will do- Our Overnight Protocol

We will arrive at your home around 7 p.m. and begin our 12 hour stay with a nice walk with your dog or play time with your other pets. Fresh food, water and plenty of attention will be given to your loved ones that night. We will rotate your lights, close your shades and provide a secure presence for your home while you are away. We will begin the morning with a nice walk with your dog, along with fresh food and water. We will bring in the mail, take out the garbage and accomplish any other reasonable rquests. And we will send pictures of your pets each night.

Additional visits or services during the day can be arranged on request and are typically discounted if selected in conjunction with the overnight rates.
Our rates are here:
Idaho: Eagle, Nampa, Boise, Meridian, Star, Eagle, Kuna
Texas: Rockwall, Plano, North Dallas, Frisco