Lockbox Info

Do I have to purchase a key storage lock box?

A key storage lock box is required to use our dog walking and sitting services as we will not retain client keys at our office or on our person.

What if my situation will not allow for a key storage lock box?

Exceptions may be made for those who reside in apartments and condos. If your situation will not allow for a key storage lock box for any reason, please contact us right away and we can discuss a possible alternative. This will be addressed during our initial consultation.

How much does a key storage box cost?

During our consultation, we will provide one with a code only known to you, the owner and your assigned pet sitter for security reasons. A registration fee of $25.00 will be charged and you may keep the provided lockbox for any use including our pet sitting visits.

Where should the key storage lock box be placed?

Lock boxes should be in a location that will be easily accessible by you and your walker. We recommend an inconspicuous spot on your property like a fence or railing; just let us know where it will be located and we will have the combination code listed on your client account.

What if I use combination access via our garage door code and we don’t use keys?

Our policy is that if our walkers/sitters access your home by an electronic key pad, keys must still be on the property for immediate access in case of a power outage or drained batteries, which can cause key pads to malfunction. Purchasing a key storage lock box gives you and your walker/sitter the best secure access in case of an emergency.

Who will know the combination to my key storage lock box?

Your code is securely saved in your Save The Mailmen In Home Dog Training & Pet Sitting Account. Only your walker/sitter, management, and you have access to the information in your profile.

Please Note: Clients must provide at least two identical keys (or two sets of keys) inside of the lock box. This is so if a key breaks or your walker/siter is locked out accidentally a backup set is available. If we encounter a situation where we need to call a locksmith to gain access because you did not provide us with backup keys, you are responsible for the entire cost of the locksmith and any extra time the walker may have been required to remain with your pets. Be sure to test that all the keys work before placing them in your lock box. Thank you!
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