David is such a great trainer! He gave us so many amazing tools to help us train our German Shepherd/border collie mix and to start working with our new border collie puppy. He is very knowledgeable and has lots of experience. He is always on time or early, and flexible with Saturday appointments due to our work schedules. Thank you so much!


I have an Australian Shepherd so a herding dog that has a lot of energy but very smart. David showed me how to control that energy & have a well behaved dog. He went above & beyond and helped me learn to walk with our Rottie too. He loves dogs & knows how to train them.


David should change the name of Save The Mailmen to Save the Owner!

David is by far the best dog trainer I have ever seen. From the instant he walks into your home to meet your pup, you will understand that David knows what he's talking about when it comes to training dogs. He has a calm and strong presence that immediately commands a dog's respect.

After the first training session with David, I had immediate results from my Saint Bernard/Sheepadoodle pup. As an owner, David makes it easy to understand the training process. I really enjoy how David focuses the training on your bond with the dog, rather than using a reward or punishment system.

After 4 training sessions, my friends have all been very complementary of my pup's progress. My big fluffy puppy has become much more manageable and is well on his way to being a perfectly trained dog.

I highly recommend David to anyone looking for a professional dog trainer. Just remember, David can show you how to train your dog, it's up to you to follow through with consistent practice and training to see the best results.


David did amazing with our English mastiff. This large breed can be very stubborn. David not only worked with our crazy schedule and a move, but our marge is doing awesome! She knows how to walk right next to me, i could walk our huge dog with a pinky if I wanted! I've already recommended David to many of my clients at work, thought I should put a recommendation on the internet too.


David was knowledgeable, helpful and punctual when it came to training our very high energy extremely smart border collie lab mix. He helped give us the tools to build upon so that our pup responds to us as leaders. We learned a lot of fundamentals from David. We continue to use the tools and stay on top of what he taught us to solidify training methods. Remember with any training that you do you have to continue the work for the success. For us it is paying off!! She comes even when there are lots of distractions around. She will sit and stay and her door crashing behavior is controlled. She's almost a year old and we plan to continue what we learned from David to ensure the best dog ever!!!


David came into our life right after we adopted a Yorkie puppy. We have worked with David for two months and now have a wonderful puppy who can sit, stay, go on structured walks, and come with a whistle. David has taught us so many skills, that we now are prepared to deal with our energetic and loving fuzzy pet. We highly recommend this trainer as he knows his craft , but, also, truly adores dogs!!


David has a great understanding of dog psychology and has a great process. When we adopted our dog, she was 10 months old and had zero leash training and spent a LOT of time in her kennel (which was too small for her). Walking her was extremely difficult and she had some neurotic behaviors. She now understands and obeys a lot of commands and is doing well with our small kids. Walking her is so much better now! In 5 sessions, she is probably 65% where we want her to be and I have high standards.

If you want a great dog, you have to do the work as the owner. David gave us all the tools we need to continue getting our dog to 100% over the next few months.


David is an amazing dog trainer! We had no idea what we were doing when we adopted our goldendoodle puppy, and as a consequence, our puppy was out of control. I called Save the Mailmen and David came to our home. He truly transformed our unruly puppy into an obedient puppy. He gave us the tools we needed to continue training our puppy so that we now feel well equipped. David listened to what we wanted and did a fabulous job teaching us and our puppy. I highly recommend calling David!


David has been amazing to work with. We have a golden doodle with what I would consider a strong personality. We began training early on and have been very please with all that David has shared with us. We have the tools needed to help our pooch be a loving girl with boundary respect, obedience, and safe. We're excited to continue to use all that David has given to us. He was also very professional, worked well with scheduling issues, and I loved that he came to our house. I would recommend him to anyone....oh, and our girl loved him too! Thanks David!!!


We adopted a five year old Border Collie mix not really knowing how she was when going for walks on a leash. She really did almost anything she wanted to do, pulling and not walking in a straight line. After finding out she grew up on a farm/ranch with free range and no real training, we needed help. Checking around, David came highly recommended from very good reviews and they weren't lying. David went over many things: teaching both Molly and us basic commands with hand signals, walking on a leash, come when called, visitor interaction and teaching us to be the leader. Would highly recommend David to any dog owner.

D. H.

David helped me with my dog Fido. He was aggressive to other dogs and neighbors as I walked him on a leash. David came over and observed my interaction with Fido and discovered my nervous energy was being absorbed by my dog. David was kind compassionate and dedicated to help me with Fido. He discovered that I had to change my behaviors and thoughts in order to change Fido's aggressive behavior. David is a natural when it comes to handling doggie problems. If it was not for David's understanding the depth of my problems with Fido, I would of had to send Fido to the dog pound. I am thankful that he saved my dog's life and gave me the opportunity of self awareness in relation to my dogs unwanted behavior. Thank you so much "Save The Mailmen Dog Training" you are a life savior. I highly recommend David's services for giving people and their pets an opportunity to live in harmony.


We adopted a 2 year old Snoodle about four months ago. Bowie had no socialization previously and he had several issues we wanted to address. These included barking at the door, pulling on leash, and jumping on people. After reading many reviews about trainers or classes, we decided to hire David. He gave us the tools to address Bowie's behaviors . David is patient and answered all our questions. He has great experience in training " stubborn" doggies. We highly recommend David... we are on our way to having a great family pet. Thanks so much David!


I was frustrated with my puppy until David came to my house to help me train him at a reasonable price. He gave me the guidance to become a better leader for my dog. Now when I have frustrations with my dog, I have the skills I need to reinforce the positive results I've always wanted.


David gives great tools and tricks to help owners feel more confident when training their dogs and he comes to your home. He was very helpful and gave us structure. At 5 months old, our new puppy is already 10 times better behaved than our 4 year old dog. DON'T go to group training or send your dog away. The dog will be trained but the human won't. I would recommend David and start immediately, don't want until your puppy already has bad habits.


We got a 6 year old rescue who was not house trained nor had he ever been on a leash. Mickey was afraid of everything and I was at a loss how to get through to him. Dave came, got to know Mickey and designed a program to work slowly with Mickey. We discovered Mickey really did want to please, he just had no idea how. Mickey responded well to Dave's program and gentle strictness and we have been able to continue to train Mickey and he is now a happy dog.


We got our Golden doodle, Abby, when she was 12 weeks. We began training with David, at 16 weeks. Abby knew all her basic commands (voice and hand signals) by the time she was 25 weeks. My neighbor tells me all the time they wish their dog was as well behaved as our Abby. David did a wonderful job of training us, to train Abby. With his help, Abby has been a joy in our family. We recently added a 10 month old Dalmatian to our pack, and I am confident.


Save the Mailmen Dog Training was more than what I expected. David was on time and most courteous. My puppy, Rambo, took to the trainer immediately. Within 6 short weeks both me and Rambo were well onto a lasting relationship. My pup learned the basics and I learned how to take control of my puppy's behavior. The training sessions were enjoyable and effective. I would highly recommend this trainer, and he was so reasonable in price, too. Rambo and I received training right at home. We didn't have to pack up and travel to an unfamiliar place or brave nasty weather. I can't stress how wonderful it was for both me and Rambo. Call David first and compare. You will be glad you did!


David was friendly, easy-going, and wanted to learn about our situation and any specific issues we have. He modified the trainings to our dog's energy level. I would recommend him to friends and family.


Very helpfull. My dog lily was killing chickens. She no longer does this. Thanks to Save the Mail Man training! They come to your home!
Dave is kind, on time, and a good listener who uses positive training technics.


With a 5 year old Yorkie and a 12 week old Havanese puppy I was looking for someone to come into our home and provide training for my family and I in the environment where we spent time with our dogs, and wanted a different experience from the training facilities we used when our Yorkie was a puppy. David, Save the Mailmen Dog Training, did a wonderful job in not only working with an older dog and a young puppy, he most importantly trained us to work with them. He taught us how to work with them on sit/stay, on door crashing (something our Yorkie taught the puppy), resource guarding, walking well on a leash and barking (ie getting the barking under control). Our family has always had small breed dogs who have been part of the family. With David's experience and skills, he made breakthroughs with our Yorkie on some bad habits and provided tools for us to use with both dogs going forward, to ensure they are well behaved members of our family. Thank you David for your professionalism in working with us and our dogs and for helping us become better dog owners!