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Everyone loves their new puppy until it poops on the carpet. Then playing with your fur baby becomes hard work. Don't go through the stress of puppy or dog training alone. Call the pros at Save the Mailmen In Home Dog Training today. We offer in-home dog and puppy training tips in Nampa, Boise, Meridian, Star, Eagle, Kuna, and the Treasure Valley region.

There is no dog or puppy problem we can't help resolve. You can rely on us to help you avoid pitfalls and focus on positive reinforcement.

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Tips for Aiding your training

Tips for Aiding your training

  • Always focus more on positive praise
  • Do separate training time from play time (keep training time sacred)
  • Only use "NO" for all unwanted behaviors
  • Follow through on any command you present
  • Always use hand signals with verbal command
  • Always keep leash on while training
  • Always correct and redirect with what you want your dog to do
  • Always be firm in commands and use of dog's name with pleasant intonation (your dog should not cower out of fear)
  • Always look for the difference in being appeased and wanting a command

  • Traps to Avoid when training

  • Never negotiate with your dog in your voice (mean what you say)
  • Never use your dog's name with any negative sound
  • Never allow your dog to play the "inch up" game
  • Never give your dog people food if you don't want it to beg
  • Never leave your dog in the sun for too long
  • Never leave your dog in a crate more than its bladder can handle (new puppies usually 2 hours)
  • Never let your dog run free inside until it is more than 70% managed through training
  • Never correct without redirection command
  • Never get too complacent early and get fooled by a sense of false security. Time and repetition will ingrain obedience.
  • Never fail to follow through on ANY command.

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